Friday, November 30, 2007

Haven't blogged in FOREVER...

I know I haven't blogged in forever.... I'm sorry to those that were looking for updates. I've been going through some crazy shit... I'll leave out the details of the last few months and just go with the details of the last few days. I FINALLY after three months of nothing have a new and hopefully exciting job. I got this one all on my own - no help from an agency or anything! I am really excited to be working with this firm - and the money was $5K more than I asked for!!!!!

DD and I came home from school the other day and she mentioned that she missed my MIL's cat Mickey - I told her we all missed Mickey and it was ok - she then goes on to tell me that Mickey is in Heaven... and that my daddy(meaning me not hers) is in Heaven too and did I miss him. That sent both of us crying for a few minutes. Once we both got it together I had to sit down and explain (in terms a 4 and a half year old could grasp) that sometimes people and animals get very very very sick and the doctors can't help them - I explained that it wasn't a sickness like her allergies or a cold or even throwing up - but very very very sick - and that they die and go to Heaven where they are much happier and healthy again. But the can never come back to us, and they want us to be happy here even though they aren't with us because they are happy in Heaven.

This was the hardest conversation I have ever had to have with her - she was so sweet and seemed to understand what I meant - she's such a perceptive and smart kid so I hope for the next few years thats a good enough explanation for her. It seemed to be for me, this week has been exceptionally hard - why I don't know but I have been more emotional than I have ever been in the last three years since my dad died. This has been the hardest for me - I guess it's the impending holidays and not having him here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's personal myself and I we have some straightening out to do...

UGH where do I start - I neglect my blog when Im stressed instead of pouring out my heart to it, which is what I should do.

I just found out (well last week anyway) that I will be leaving my assignment yet AGAIN... and it just doesn't seem fair that I can't no matter how hard I try and work seem to get into a full time PERMANENT position with this firm. And then trying to find a "real job" is just plain ridiculous! I have sent out resumes ontop of resumes and NOTHING not even one FUCK YOU!

Im trying to stay strong through this and think that things happen for a reason, but I just can't seem to figure out what that reason is right now.

Add that to a really long depressing weekend and well this month is ending for shit!
This year my dad being gone hit me pretty hard... I'm having to field questions from DD (4) like "where's your daddy?" and it just tore me up... this is the first year since he died that I really cried about it. Who knows maybe I'm the one finally coming to terms with it.

Oh yeah and lets not forget that she started pre-k this last week as well - yet another "my little girl is growing up" milestone... what's next???

I think I just need some prozac... if I can't get that well then I'll take my Pat O'brians hurricanes and a fun night out to get my mind off things.

There are other things going on that I won't air on my blog that are just adding to my thoughts...

Im really loving Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry..." it's fitting this month...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Im not sure why I have this blog... I hardly can think of anything to write - and when I do rarely do I write about it.

I know why I started it. Someone said something about me on her blog and I was MAD... MAD MAD - not just the not talk to you for a few days mad I mean I want nothing to do with you EVER again mad.

I've always had a hard time making real friends - I tell it like it is. If I don't like who you're dating I'll tell you so. That doesn't mean I won't be nice and civil and social if we're all out together. But I'll tell you how I really feel. I'm a smart ass as well. I have tons of aquaintences that I hang out with on a social level. But honestly I only have about 3 or 4 good friends.

I used to get upset that I wasn't part of the "in crowd" the ones that got all the attention etc. I was passing aquaintences with a few that were in that circle but overall I kept to myself. Again it used to bother me. Now - not so much. Im learning that those 3 or 4 really good friends that have stuck by me through it all are the ones that matter. They are the ones that I can count on!

I'm also beginning to feel very comfortable with myself. Not so much my physical appearance (im working at that) but my confidence level is growning some. I feel like I have a better grasp at who I am and who I want to "grow up" to be.

I just hope that I can raise my daughter to see that each of us was made differently and it doesn't matter if someone is short, tall, fat, skinny or even if they have some sort of physical or mental disability we all have feelings and needs. And maybe all that person needs is a good friend.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You are my best friend and my worst enemy. I wish I knew how to handle you a little better - then I may not come off as a whack job somedays. But luckily you know my better than anyone else - you have known me forever and still come back looking for more.

Yes you're in the friend zone... but not by totaly choice but more for necessity. I honestly don't think that I belong on that pedestal that you place me on - but I'll tell you it's great to be there!

Sure my husband loves me and tells me I'm beautiful etc but it's great to hear you look good from someone else!

I just want to say thanks for being there for me all these years!

Friday, July 27, 2007

So let me get this straight - my husband has two sisters and a brother... he's the oldest of four. SIL A lives about a mile from my MIL we live about 10. SIL B lives about 2 hours away and BIL C Lives in an entirely different state!

SIL A along with BIL A and 2 kids are thinking about moving to the state where BIL C lives... ok whatever - they never really stay in one place too long so thats fine. Though I'll be sad to see the boys go! DD LOVES her cousins and would hate to have them too far away.

SIL B has now decided with her dopey husband and equally dopey kid to move near BIL C as well... well I say BIL C but it's really closer to her husbands brother... but it's all the same state!
That leaves us here with the IL's... which I don't mind - we were here first BUT my poor kids will be the ones that are growing up not knowing their cousins... the same worry that SIL C has vocalized to the family.

It's not a big deal and I'm not that attached to SIL B's Kid honestly (thats a WHOLE 'nother entry) and BIL/SIL C are expecting their first and while we have never gotten along great I am ESTATIC for them, I can't wait to have that little niece to spoil some! And the boys - well they are the best and I will miss their quirkiness if/when they move.

Here's the thing that bothers me about ALL of this- I found out all about this on a message board! A MESSAGE BOARD!!! One that my mil posts to... friends she's only met a few times.... but yet she can pour the family news out to them and not her own family... SHEESH!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just One Word...

1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Relationship? Wonderful!
3. Your hair? messy
4. Work? BUSY!
5. Your sister? none
6. Your favorite thing? camera
7. Your dream last night? nuthin'
8. Your favorite drink? Tea
9. Your dream car? Shrug
10. The room you’re in? office
11. Your shoes? flats
12. Your fears? coasters
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? alive
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? family
15. What are you not good at? drawing
16. Muffin? banana
17. One of your wish list items? sewing machine
18. Where you grew up? FL
19. Last thing you did? answered phone
20. What are you wearing? clothes
21. What aren’t you wearing?bracelet
22. Your pet? cats
23. Your computer? dell
24. Your life? CRAZY
25. Your mood? tired
26. Missing? kids
27. What are you thinking about right now? home
28. Your car? Caravan
29. Your kitchen? white
30. Your summer? HOT
31. Your favorite color? blue
32. Last time you laughed? today
33. Last time you cried? Yesterday
34. School? tiresome
35. Love? family!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Why is it...

That I can hold down a full time job, be pregnant/have a newborn, have a social life, go to school full time and get good grades. Yet I have a "friend" that complains I don't make time for her but can't seem to get her act straight - complains that she wants to do well in school but that "summer school is so stressful" (it's TWO classes) and she has so much to do that we can't get together. YET she plans to go out with some other friends on a gambling boat and takes 3 - 4 hour naps on the weekends while she's supposed to be working on school! WTF? I just don't get the lack of motivation from some people. I know if I (the biggest procrastinator on earth) can do it so can others. It just irritates me to see someone who is a preschool teacher - someone who is trying to make kids grown up to be happy healthy adults blah blah blah - be so lazy and unmotivated. UGH!!!!

Vent over - back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I haven't had much to say lately - it's been pretty busy around here but at the same time pretty quiet. Just the normal mundane life things I guess. Work is great I still love this job and I really enjoy being here. The people I work with are great and as cheesey as it sounds it's a true team feeling.

The 4th of July Holiday was about as good as it could get on a rainy Florida day. We ended up goofing around the house until almost 4 I was actually trying to get chores accomplished and DH and the kids - well I'm not sure what it was they were trying to accomplish other than driving me batty. We then headed to MIL's for awhile and hung out at the little grille area by the lake. It was a good time and DD had a BLAST! Most time's she doesn't fall asleep on that short ten minute ride home but she was out cold by the time we left the subdivision.

This weekend is a trip to my mom's, my SIL's 7-7-07 party and who know's what other trouble we may get into. Again another busy weekend!

We have another cruise booked for October, we will be spending halloween on the seas. Should be a great time for the kids and I can't wait to see what they have planned for them. I asked DD what she wanted to be for halloween and I got this answer "Glenda - well first I want to be glenda, then cinderella and then a pirate" Ummm not all in one night I hope!
That's whats up in my crazy little family.

As far as friends go... I have a new one... well she and I are kinda friends - she's the kind of friend you talk to but you don't tell anything to. If that makes any sense. She's a great girl but she just seems to have focusing, multi tasking issues. She's going to school and taking classes this summer. Seems like she didn't realize that signing up for summer classes meant you get all the work of a regular semester in half the time. And she's stressed. I personally loved those classes I did better in them because it was less time that I had to retain the information and I like working at the faster pace. Well recently she complained that we haven't seen each other in awhile etc etc etc. So we planned lunch for today. Guess who forgot because she's sooo stressed out over school and forgot. I was bummed to no end. I was kinda looking forward to it. But oh well, maybe next time. On the brighter side maybe I will take a full hour out of the office and head to joann's or something and see what kinda trouble I can get into there. (HAHAHA As if thats a problem!).

Don't know if anyone really reads this thing - so if you do please leave me a little love!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Honey I'm Home!

Well technically it's not home home but it feels like some sort of a home for me. I am finally out of the Guatemalan Sweat Shop as I liked to call it and back to the Alaskan Coast Line! I am back in the law firm that I was temping at previously and I am LOVIN it - I hope this time may be a little more permanent!

It seems as though I was missed! I got tons of hugs and we missed you's all around and things are just like I hadn't left! Much better than the other place I was at. Oh and the best part is that instead of 86 in this office it's more like 68!

I know I have been MIA for almost 3 weeks but between DH's birthday, Father's Day and everything else going on I just haven't had much time.

For DH's birthday I got him a 1 hour or so flight up in a little Cessna over the East Coast of FL. He had a blast and complained it was too short. Add that to the tickets that were purchased for everyone for christmas to see blue man group and it was a great night!

Father's Day was spent at MOSI in Tampa and then we headed to BGT for a couple of hours. Another great day!

So thats where I have been!

Friday, June 01, 2007

One of those weeks...

OH MY GOODNESS, It's been a wild and crazy kinda week... Let me give you just a little snapshot of one evening... I am subjected to traffic that lengthens my drive home. A trip that normally is 45 minutes or an hour turned into TWO HOURS!!!! So we decide instead of cooking, making leftovers would be the way to go MUCH quicker right? Well I take out a pot of conch chowder and some cresent rolls and with both hands full I take 4 steps to the stove put the pot down and turn around to find my DS had gotten to the fridge and the contents before i could close it and I had left over olive garden spaghetti and chicken on the floor and there he sits in the middle of it salad dressing bottle in one hand. Deciding that the salad dressing wasn't quite as fun anymore he grabs the chicken from the floor and with two hands starts knawing on it. All I could do is grab the camera and laugh. And yes he finished the piece of chicken.

Other highlights of the week included DD being out in my MIL's yard and getting bit by about 75 - 100 red fire ants and having to treat those, and DH getting one of his optic migraines.

THEN this morning I stop by Dunkin Donuts thinking that a chocolate iced coffee and an untoasted bagel with salmon cream cheese would be yummy! So I order, pay, get my food and pull away from the drive through. I go to grab the bagel - it's cold and toasted (how long it had been sitting there who knows) the edges are burnt and the cream cheese is in a single serving tub and there's a knife in the bag... UMMM HELLO???? How in the hell are you supposed to drive down the road and spread cream cheese on a bagel... and darn it I didn't want it toasted... and IF I had it should have been WARM!!!! That chocolate iced coffee that I wanted... yeah it was plain. The manager got a nice little call from me.

So I am eternally greatful it's friday cause Im not sure if I could handle another day this week!!! Hopefully the weekend is better!

Monday, May 21, 2007

When it Rains...

it pours I guess, not only did I get those three little letters in a txt msg last week seems as though when I logged into myspace another “old friend” had emailed me as well. Sheesh haven’t talked to either in months and poof they are both back at the same time. Lucky me I guess!

This was a nice weekend Saturday I went shopping with a friend and then to Disney in the evening. It was a nice evening for it – just enough breeze to make it comfortable to walk around and not feel as though you were going to melt! I haven’t run it by DH yet but since he’s on call next Monday maybe I will brave the elements (people) and take a quick couple of hours and head over there.

Sunday we saw Shrek the Third – not as good as the first two but still not bad. I love the Dreamworks films as well as Pixar so I knew it was going to at least be a good time. DD enjoyed it and DH had some inconsiderate kid sitting next to him that wanted to slup his drink that was almost gone made for a long movie for him. DD was pretty good through the movie though she was a bit of a hellion on the way home. I just don’t know with her, sometimes she the sweetest kid who listens to the T and other times she’s just an animal!

And for the most exciting news – I had two photographs of mine selected in a photo contest put out by Seaworld. They were looking for submissions from visitors for their new webpage and I entered three or four pictures and had two chosen to appear when it’s up and running. I was soooo excited! The “prize” was a ticket good for up to 4 one day admissions to any AB theme park (excluding discovery cove) so since we have passes we may take a quick trip next year at some point to Williamsburg and go to the Busch Gardens there. I will post the links to the photos a little later!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Three flipping letters in a text... thats all it is three letters, how can they spark such emotion, feelings of being betrayed, feelings of dislike, feelings of being let down? I don't know either. Seems kinda silly when you think about it - usually those three words spark feelings of being scared, frightened or surprised not the emotions that I mentioned. Sadly to say I answered too - because any of you that know me know that I just can't leave well enough alone. Though this time it wasn't me that made the first move. I know this is all cryptic but i would prefer not to expose the people or situations surrounding that three letter word. I haven't been exactly nice in my response though showing a ton of aprehension on my sleeve.. but hey thats me always seeking the alterior motive... always asking WHY.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Ramblings...

So mother's day was great, DH held up to his promise of letting me sleep in which was nice! I woke up at 7 when DS woke up and then again at 940 when they decided that it was time for me to get up! I think my body is protesting due to TOO much sleep!

My mom and I did Epcot on Saturday with the kids.. we all had a great time and really enjoyed the dinner we had at Garden Grill. The character interaction at the grill was AMAZING.. The characters sat down and played with DS and colored with DD. The food was good as well and I think we all had a great time.

Sunday in addition to sleeping in we went to Texas De Brazil for a late lunch early dinner kinda thing with the kids. It was a good time and both of them as well as DH and I enjoyed ourselves. I did find out that my littlest one enjoys Filet Mignon and also enjoys Alaskan King Crab! :)

After "Dunch" we went to MIL's for a little while and my SIL and BIL along with their "alien spawn" were there. We saw them all of about 10 minutes before they had to leave. I was a little rude to her but oh well I hate that she (and a few others on that side of the family) treated me like crap when I was pregnant with DS. I was NOT going to go out of my way to be nice to her.

Her DD "A" is about 4 months old now... and refuses to lay on her stomach - HATES it... my kids both preferred their tummy's which cracks me up. I was hoping she'd get a difficult one! And while her cuteness is improving she's still not that cute of a kid. Her fingers are long and she looks a lot like one of those Q-Pie or however it is you spell them dolls. And we're still debating who has more hair - her or her daddy!

Well here's to hoping this week is better than last!

Friday, May 11, 2007


I woke up this morning and after a large fight with myself I decided to get up out of bed and get to work. I got the kids up and ready and then headed off.

The first thing I did on my way to work after dropping off the kids was call and see if my payroll deposit had cleared... Ummm NOPE! So I called the agency I work through and left them a message. Seems as though their bank had an issue and didn't send ANY of our payroll checks through so we are getting checks cut for us. Luckily DH got paid this week so Im good for a day or two. And apparently I was the one that tipped them off to the mishap.

The smoke has been VERY bad lately - we have wildfires burning in 57 out of 67 counties in the state. We have been blanketed in smoke to the point that the kids aren't able to play outside and after about 5 - 10 minutes your coughing and your eyes are burning. Luckily out of the hundreds of fires only 7 homes have been destroyed. It's awful that those 7 families have lost everything but in the big picture it could be much worse.

And now it's the weekend - time for another trip to disney, and a mothers day brunch at the brazillian steakhouse! Works for me!

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Parking $10

Tickets to cypress gardens $43.49

Dinner for the kids $9

Being able to FINALLY see Big & Rich and have a picnic with the kids - Priceless...

Ok cheesey I know but it's soo true. After 2 and a half years of waiting to see B & R I finally had my chance this past Saturday! On my way to the mall to pick up some gifts that I needed I heard a commercial on the radio that B & R with Cowboy Troy would be at Cypress Gardens - which is just less than an hour from the house. So I happened to be on the phone with my mom, I had her check it out for me. Lo and behold it was Saturday night. I called DH and asked him what he thought about me going. His answer was simple "if you and the kids want to go"
OF COURSE I WANT TO GO!!!! So I asked DD if she wanted to go see a concert - with the guy who sings the "chicken and the train song" she got all excited so after the mall we grabbed some lunch, ran home and then we were back out of the house.

We explored a little of cypress gardens took in some animal exhibits and then a few rides. I grabbed dinner for the kids and then it was off to the "Starlight Amphitheater". After a couple of opening acts it was time for THE Big & Rich. They opened up with "Comin' to your City" and from that point on we were given a full 2 hour show featuring them and three songs by Cowboy Troy. "I play chicken with the train" made DD so happy and then he preformed his new song "Hic Chick" so now thats her newest "Can I hear it?" song. B & R did a great tribute to our veterns with 8th of November and then closed out the show with "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" after a short break it was time for the Encore and one of my personal faves "Rollin'".
After we made it back to the car I put DD in and she was singing to herself "Save a horse ride a cowboy.." so I think it's safe to assume she like her mommy had a GREAT time! They were WELL worth the wait!

Yesterday we headed to Epcot for more of the Flower and Garden Festival. We had a chance to take in the Jr. Chef program in living with the land where the kids get a chance to help bake chocolate chip cookies... It was TOO cute and DD did such a great job following directions. She made 2 cookies and after seeing Crush ate both them without even sharing. I can honestly say I don't think I have ever seen her so proud of herself!

Overall it was a VERY busy and full weekend but we all had a great time!

Friday, May 04, 2007

BAD BAD Blogger....

I know I know I haven't written in at least a week AGAIN! I just can't seem to find the time to do EVERYTHING and this week with starting a new assignment at work and trying to get my etsy shop running (look for the link next week!!!) it's been crazy.

I forgot what driving in REAL rush hour traffic was like. Leaving the house by 7 to get to work at 830 is really a pain. But I do it. I do it for the money, I do it for the job, I do it cause I like to work! Though sometimes I think I'm nuts for doing it! It took me 55 minutes to go five miles earlier this week!!!!!

On the home front - my little man is really starting to walk - I am SO excited!!! Though now my life as I know it now is over. Im glad he's starting to get some mobility and having some sort of independance to him!

So, on one of the blogs that i stalk I got this bright idea... that by the time I turn 30 I should lose 30 pounds... that means I have aprox 7 months to do this. Which works out to aprox 4.28 pounds a month. I don't know if I can do it... but what the heck I think I'll try. If anything I'll look better in that dress for the cruise. More salads, less dressing..

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sanjaya and other ramblings...

OK I hate to post about him - I wasn't thrilled with him on AI BUT I have to say the shenanigans that Howard Stern and pulled to get him as far as he did were well worth the time wasted watching him.

Well last night the Sanjaya was on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Sig and Edger Hanson (which was the real reason I DVR'ed it) this morning as I was getting the kids ready for school and fast forwarding to Sig and Edger my four year old looks at the TV and says to me "That's Sanjaya, Yes Mommy??" I can't believe even SHE knows who he is... the she proceeded to do her own little Sanjaya dance in the living room!

Last night I worked on my first burp cloth for my BIL and SIL who are expecting in October. It's two layers of terrycloth and a layer of Gator Fabric... so far so good but it needs something more... maybe some nice royal blue bias tape around the outside. I also pressed, pinned and sewed three panels of this skirt I am working on for Emily... I can't wait to see how it turns out! so far I am LOVING it!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow it's been a week..

Since I've updated my blog... it's just been crazy and I haven't had a chance.

I am in the process of thinking up a name for my Etsy Store... once it's up and running I will be posting the link here. I have some photography and maybe even a few bows and things as well. You never know what you'll find.

Sadly my job assignment will be coming to an end this week and next week starts a whole new job and a whole new firm. I can't wait! I love the change that this brings and I hope that the next one is permanent! I will be putting together another post on my favorite user calls. I will miss everyone where I am now... but I will be getting home almost an hour earlier next week!!!! YEAH!!!

I have to say I have a WONDERFUL husband... he picked up somethings at Costco last night and even made dinner so I could go outside and enjoy some time with the kids. Maybe tonight if I'm home in time I'll put him in charge again throw on the sneaks and shorts grab the stroller and the kids (oh yeah and the camera) and head out for a walk. Mmmmm sounds good just thinking about it!

We watched this weeks episode of Deadliest Catch last night - I don't think you could pay me enough to do what those guys do, GREAT episode!!! If you catch it while it's on watch it - you'll be HOOKED! ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bookin It...

In my previous post I mentioned wanting to loose a few pounds before December. Well here's why....

We have FINALLY booked the cruise we have been talking about for months..

Trying to find something different we kept coming up with some neat ideas but with the kids being young it was a matter of doing something that was conducive to bringing them along as well. Soooo we decided on another cruise.

Royal Caribbean would allow DS onboard BUT would only provide in cabin babysitting (for a fee) at night. As their children's program is for 3 and up and MUST be potty trained. So that meant ALL shipboard activities or shore tours that we decided on would have to be done with him in tow. Or at night when they offered babysitting. So that left them out for this year.

Carnival on the other hand is a little more child friendly offering group baby sitting on port days in the mornings on port days (there is a charge as well) for about 4 or 5 hours. They also start their kids program at two (which is a moot issue for this cruise) and they don't have to be potty trained. They also offer the group babysitting in the evenings for the little ones after 10 I think. I don't mind paying the fees especially since he can play with his sister!

Sooo we looked at several different itineraries trying to find one with the most ports as well as ports we hadn't been too or that we wanted to visit again. Narrowing it down to a 7 day out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean or an 8 Day out of Miami to the Eastern Caribbean.
Having done the 8 day and wanting to do the 7 day it was just a matter of picking. We decided that we had SO much fun on the 8 day the last time that we took it we'd do it again!

Soo this year like in 2005 I will be spending my birthday on a beautiful island away from the "real world"! This time though it will be in Antigua not San Juan.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On my mind...

So much on my mind today and I don't know where to start!

I think they both deserve their own entries so I am going to start with the first.

My weight.. it's becoming an issue. With me and with my husband.

Off and on I have contemplated, somedays longer than others, getting weightloss surgery. Everytime I think about it I chicken out. Plain and simple I chicken out. I look at people that have had it and I think it's the easy way out. But when I research it I know it isn't. I can't fathom having someone reconstructing my insides so I know that the traditional bypass surgery is not for me!

I have researched and researched and researched some more. The lapband seems to be the way to go for, in my mind, the results that I want.

I want a slower weight loss, while dropping 70 pounds in three months would be great I can't begin to believe it's healthy. I want to be able to eat the foods i love but have the portion control that I lack. The band will allow me to eat less. I don't want an "easy out" and I think the band is more of a tool to help with the weightloss, you have to have some sort of control of yourself.
I also have looked at several people who have had the bypass surgery, and while they have lost tremendous amounts of weight and look great there seems to be a trend. I notice more of the women have what to me looks like dried out hair. It doesn't look healthy, it looks like straw, and tends to think out etc. I don't think that something that drastic is for me. I can't remember to take a birth control pill half the time so taking a vitamin or more everyday for the rest of my life, for me, is a daunting task.

I guess it's time to start the research again and get to thinking... I am going to try again on my own.... I want to loose some weight before December anyway (that's part of the other entry I Was talking about). So I figured I might as well just suck it up, cut the portions and start to walk or something!

I think the biggest hurdle for me is going to be the emotional eating, the because im bored and need to munch on something eating. Those are the habits that I have - and those are the habits I need to break. I eat when I'm mad, I eat when I'm bored and when I do snack because of those things instead of eating smaller portions at meals I tend to eat more. I will take seconds when i shouldn't have eaten half of what i took the first time...

WOW... That felt good to get all of that out. Maybe now I can do something about it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Kids...

I have two kids, a four year old and a one year old.

My daughter is a "mini me" she's almost a spitting image of who I was at four. Long blonde semi curly hair big brown eyes and an attitude that will challenge anyone and anything! Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking about when she's blatently ignoring us when being told to clean up or to do something. She's so darn smart though, already working on simple addition and a little subtraction as well as writing and beginning letter sounds. And her "four year old logic" just scares me!!!

My son on the other hand is so laid back always happy and just what we call a "mean baby" he's beginning to show his independance through actions and not words. So if he doesn't want you near something he pushes you he doesn't say no. He's almost always happy and giggling and will even wake up that way! He always is up for a QUICK hug and never wants to be held for too long since it cramps his go go go style. He's trying so hard to walk but can't seem to get the hang of it.

The two of them together are so much fun to watch. You can tell that (for now) they love each other so much. He gives her hugs and kisses and tries to comfort her when she's upset and she's ALWAYS wanting to give her brother hugs.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Why the name?

Why would I name my blog something like this very simple. It seems as though there are a few out there that think I'm a bad mom. My house is a little dirty, my kids have been exposed to happy meals, they are in daycare, oh and they stay up till 9 or so at night. I want to apologize to all of the super mom's out there that have neat homes, can stay home with their kids who eat three balaced home cooked meals a day and are in bed by 730 p.m. My hat's off to you!

As you can tell I have had bouts with a "friend" (who is childless) that thinks they should tell me how to raise my kids AND call me a bad mother (publicly at that).

So what if they toys aren't put away and there's dust on the TV? So what if they eat Happy Meals from McD's once a month (if that)? So what if they are in bed at 9 or 930? So what if they are in daycare?

It's what works for US and our schedule. They are Happy Healthy 1 and 4 year olds that are loved very much and THAT'S what matters!!! And if it makes me a bad mom SO WHAT?!