Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bookin It...

In my previous post I mentioned wanting to loose a few pounds before December. Well here's why....

We have FINALLY booked the cruise we have been talking about for months..

Trying to find something different we kept coming up with some neat ideas but with the kids being young it was a matter of doing something that was conducive to bringing them along as well. Soooo we decided on another cruise.

Royal Caribbean would allow DS onboard BUT would only provide in cabin babysitting (for a fee) at night. As their children's program is for 3 and up and MUST be potty trained. So that meant ALL shipboard activities or shore tours that we decided on would have to be done with him in tow. Or at night when they offered babysitting. So that left them out for this year.

Carnival on the other hand is a little more child friendly offering group baby sitting on port days in the mornings on port days (there is a charge as well) for about 4 or 5 hours. They also start their kids program at two (which is a moot issue for this cruise) and they don't have to be potty trained. They also offer the group babysitting in the evenings for the little ones after 10 I think. I don't mind paying the fees especially since he can play with his sister!

Sooo we looked at several different itineraries trying to find one with the most ports as well as ports we hadn't been too or that we wanted to visit again. Narrowing it down to a 7 day out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean or an 8 Day out of Miami to the Eastern Caribbean.
Having done the 8 day and wanting to do the 7 day it was just a matter of picking. We decided that we had SO much fun on the 8 day the last time that we took it we'd do it again!

Soo this year like in 2005 I will be spending my birthday on a beautiful island away from the "real world"! This time though it will be in Antigua not San Juan.

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