Monday, May 21, 2007

When it Rains...

it pours I guess, not only did I get those three little letters in a txt msg last week seems as though when I logged into myspace another “old friend” had emailed me as well. Sheesh haven’t talked to either in months and poof they are both back at the same time. Lucky me I guess!

This was a nice weekend Saturday I went shopping with a friend and then to Disney in the evening. It was a nice evening for it – just enough breeze to make it comfortable to walk around and not feel as though you were going to melt! I haven’t run it by DH yet but since he’s on call next Monday maybe I will brave the elements (people) and take a quick couple of hours and head over there.

Sunday we saw Shrek the Third – not as good as the first two but still not bad. I love the Dreamworks films as well as Pixar so I knew it was going to at least be a good time. DD enjoyed it and DH had some inconsiderate kid sitting next to him that wanted to slup his drink that was almost gone made for a long movie for him. DD was pretty good through the movie though she was a bit of a hellion on the way home. I just don’t know with her, sometimes she the sweetest kid who listens to the T and other times she’s just an animal!

And for the most exciting news – I had two photographs of mine selected in a photo contest put out by Seaworld. They were looking for submissions from visitors for their new webpage and I entered three or four pictures and had two chosen to appear when it’s up and running. I was soooo excited! The “prize” was a ticket good for up to 4 one day admissions to any AB theme park (excluding discovery cove) so since we have passes we may take a quick trip next year at some point to Williamsburg and go to the Busch Gardens there. I will post the links to the photos a little later!

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