Friday, July 06, 2007

I haven't had much to say lately - it's been pretty busy around here but at the same time pretty quiet. Just the normal mundane life things I guess. Work is great I still love this job and I really enjoy being here. The people I work with are great and as cheesey as it sounds it's a true team feeling.

The 4th of July Holiday was about as good as it could get on a rainy Florida day. We ended up goofing around the house until almost 4 I was actually trying to get chores accomplished and DH and the kids - well I'm not sure what it was they were trying to accomplish other than driving me batty. We then headed to MIL's for awhile and hung out at the little grille area by the lake. It was a good time and DD had a BLAST! Most time's she doesn't fall asleep on that short ten minute ride home but she was out cold by the time we left the subdivision.

This weekend is a trip to my mom's, my SIL's 7-7-07 party and who know's what other trouble we may get into. Again another busy weekend!

We have another cruise booked for October, we will be spending halloween on the seas. Should be a great time for the kids and I can't wait to see what they have planned for them. I asked DD what she wanted to be for halloween and I got this answer "Glenda - well first I want to be glenda, then cinderella and then a pirate" Ummm not all in one night I hope!
That's whats up in my crazy little family.

As far as friends go... I have a new one... well she and I are kinda friends - she's the kind of friend you talk to but you don't tell anything to. If that makes any sense. She's a great girl but she just seems to have focusing, multi tasking issues. She's going to school and taking classes this summer. Seems like she didn't realize that signing up for summer classes meant you get all the work of a regular semester in half the time. And she's stressed. I personally loved those classes I did better in them because it was less time that I had to retain the information and I like working at the faster pace. Well recently she complained that we haven't seen each other in awhile etc etc etc. So we planned lunch for today. Guess who forgot because she's sooo stressed out over school and forgot. I was bummed to no end. I was kinda looking forward to it. But oh well, maybe next time. On the brighter side maybe I will take a full hour out of the office and head to joann's or something and see what kinda trouble I can get into there. (HAHAHA As if thats a problem!).

Don't know if anyone really reads this thing - so if you do please leave me a little love!

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