Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Honey I'm Home!

Well technically it's not home home but it feels like some sort of a home for me. I am finally out of the Guatemalan Sweat Shop as I liked to call it and back to the Alaskan Coast Line! I am back in the law firm that I was temping at previously and I am LOVIN it - I hope this time may be a little more permanent!

It seems as though I was missed! I got tons of hugs and we missed you's all around and things are just like I hadn't left! Much better than the other place I was at. Oh and the best part is that instead of 86 in this office it's more like 68!

I know I have been MIA for almost 3 weeks but between DH's birthday, Father's Day and everything else going on I just haven't had much time.

For DH's birthday I got him a 1 hour or so flight up in a little Cessna over the East Coast of FL. He had a blast and complained it was too short. Add that to the tickets that were purchased for everyone for christmas to see blue man group and it was a great night!

Father's Day was spent at MOSI in Tampa and then we headed to BGT for a couple of hours. Another great day!

So thats where I have been!

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