Friday, April 27, 2007

Sanjaya and other ramblings...

OK I hate to post about him - I wasn't thrilled with him on AI BUT I have to say the shenanigans that Howard Stern and pulled to get him as far as he did were well worth the time wasted watching him.

Well last night the Sanjaya was on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Sig and Edger Hanson (which was the real reason I DVR'ed it) this morning as I was getting the kids ready for school and fast forwarding to Sig and Edger my four year old looks at the TV and says to me "That's Sanjaya, Yes Mommy??" I can't believe even SHE knows who he is... the she proceeded to do her own little Sanjaya dance in the living room!

Last night I worked on my first burp cloth for my BIL and SIL who are expecting in October. It's two layers of terrycloth and a layer of Gator Fabric... so far so good but it needs something more... maybe some nice royal blue bias tape around the outside. I also pressed, pinned and sewed three panels of this skirt I am working on for Emily... I can't wait to see how it turns out! so far I am LOVING it!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow it's been a week..

Since I've updated my blog... it's just been crazy and I haven't had a chance.

I am in the process of thinking up a name for my Etsy Store... once it's up and running I will be posting the link here. I have some photography and maybe even a few bows and things as well. You never know what you'll find.

Sadly my job assignment will be coming to an end this week and next week starts a whole new job and a whole new firm. I can't wait! I love the change that this brings and I hope that the next one is permanent! I will be putting together another post on my favorite user calls. I will miss everyone where I am now... but I will be getting home almost an hour earlier next week!!!! YEAH!!!

I have to say I have a WONDERFUL husband... he picked up somethings at Costco last night and even made dinner so I could go outside and enjoy some time with the kids. Maybe tonight if I'm home in time I'll put him in charge again throw on the sneaks and shorts grab the stroller and the kids (oh yeah and the camera) and head out for a walk. Mmmmm sounds good just thinking about it!

We watched this weeks episode of Deadliest Catch last night - I don't think you could pay me enough to do what those guys do, GREAT episode!!! If you catch it while it's on watch it - you'll be HOOKED! ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bookin It...

In my previous post I mentioned wanting to loose a few pounds before December. Well here's why....

We have FINALLY booked the cruise we have been talking about for months..

Trying to find something different we kept coming up with some neat ideas but with the kids being young it was a matter of doing something that was conducive to bringing them along as well. Soooo we decided on another cruise.

Royal Caribbean would allow DS onboard BUT would only provide in cabin babysitting (for a fee) at night. As their children's program is for 3 and up and MUST be potty trained. So that meant ALL shipboard activities or shore tours that we decided on would have to be done with him in tow. Or at night when they offered babysitting. So that left them out for this year.

Carnival on the other hand is a little more child friendly offering group baby sitting on port days in the mornings on port days (there is a charge as well) for about 4 or 5 hours. They also start their kids program at two (which is a moot issue for this cruise) and they don't have to be potty trained. They also offer the group babysitting in the evenings for the little ones after 10 I think. I don't mind paying the fees especially since he can play with his sister!

Sooo we looked at several different itineraries trying to find one with the most ports as well as ports we hadn't been too or that we wanted to visit again. Narrowing it down to a 7 day out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean or an 8 Day out of Miami to the Eastern Caribbean.
Having done the 8 day and wanting to do the 7 day it was just a matter of picking. We decided that we had SO much fun on the 8 day the last time that we took it we'd do it again!

Soo this year like in 2005 I will be spending my birthday on a beautiful island away from the "real world"! This time though it will be in Antigua not San Juan.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On my mind...

So much on my mind today and I don't know where to start!

I think they both deserve their own entries so I am going to start with the first.

My weight.. it's becoming an issue. With me and with my husband.

Off and on I have contemplated, somedays longer than others, getting weightloss surgery. Everytime I think about it I chicken out. Plain and simple I chicken out. I look at people that have had it and I think it's the easy way out. But when I research it I know it isn't. I can't fathom having someone reconstructing my insides so I know that the traditional bypass surgery is not for me!

I have researched and researched and researched some more. The lapband seems to be the way to go for, in my mind, the results that I want.

I want a slower weight loss, while dropping 70 pounds in three months would be great I can't begin to believe it's healthy. I want to be able to eat the foods i love but have the portion control that I lack. The band will allow me to eat less. I don't want an "easy out" and I think the band is more of a tool to help with the weightloss, you have to have some sort of control of yourself.
I also have looked at several people who have had the bypass surgery, and while they have lost tremendous amounts of weight and look great there seems to be a trend. I notice more of the women have what to me looks like dried out hair. It doesn't look healthy, it looks like straw, and tends to think out etc. I don't think that something that drastic is for me. I can't remember to take a birth control pill half the time so taking a vitamin or more everyday for the rest of my life, for me, is a daunting task.

I guess it's time to start the research again and get to thinking... I am going to try again on my own.... I want to loose some weight before December anyway (that's part of the other entry I Was talking about). So I figured I might as well just suck it up, cut the portions and start to walk or something!

I think the biggest hurdle for me is going to be the emotional eating, the because im bored and need to munch on something eating. Those are the habits that I have - and those are the habits I need to break. I eat when I'm mad, I eat when I'm bored and when I do snack because of those things instead of eating smaller portions at meals I tend to eat more. I will take seconds when i shouldn't have eaten half of what i took the first time...

WOW... That felt good to get all of that out. Maybe now I can do something about it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Kids...

I have two kids, a four year old and a one year old.

My daughter is a "mini me" she's almost a spitting image of who I was at four. Long blonde semi curly hair big brown eyes and an attitude that will challenge anyone and anything! Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking about when she's blatently ignoring us when being told to clean up or to do something. She's so darn smart though, already working on simple addition and a little subtraction as well as writing and beginning letter sounds. And her "four year old logic" just scares me!!!

My son on the other hand is so laid back always happy and just what we call a "mean baby" he's beginning to show his independance through actions and not words. So if he doesn't want you near something he pushes you he doesn't say no. He's almost always happy and giggling and will even wake up that way! He always is up for a QUICK hug and never wants to be held for too long since it cramps his go go go style. He's trying so hard to walk but can't seem to get the hang of it.

The two of them together are so much fun to watch. You can tell that (for now) they love each other so much. He gives her hugs and kisses and tries to comfort her when she's upset and she's ALWAYS wanting to give her brother hugs.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Why the name?

Why would I name my blog something like this very simple. It seems as though there are a few out there that think I'm a bad mom. My house is a little dirty, my kids have been exposed to happy meals, they are in daycare, oh and they stay up till 9 or so at night. I want to apologize to all of the super mom's out there that have neat homes, can stay home with their kids who eat three balaced home cooked meals a day and are in bed by 730 p.m. My hat's off to you!

As you can tell I have had bouts with a "friend" (who is childless) that thinks they should tell me how to raise my kids AND call me a bad mother (publicly at that).

So what if they toys aren't put away and there's dust on the TV? So what if they eat Happy Meals from McD's once a month (if that)? So what if they are in bed at 9 or 930? So what if they are in daycare?

It's what works for US and our schedule. They are Happy Healthy 1 and 4 year olds that are loved very much and THAT'S what matters!!! And if it makes me a bad mom SO WHAT?!