Friday, July 27, 2007

So let me get this straight - my husband has two sisters and a brother... he's the oldest of four. SIL A lives about a mile from my MIL we live about 10. SIL B lives about 2 hours away and BIL C Lives in an entirely different state!

SIL A along with BIL A and 2 kids are thinking about moving to the state where BIL C lives... ok whatever - they never really stay in one place too long so thats fine. Though I'll be sad to see the boys go! DD LOVES her cousins and would hate to have them too far away.

SIL B has now decided with her dopey husband and equally dopey kid to move near BIL C as well... well I say BIL C but it's really closer to her husbands brother... but it's all the same state!
That leaves us here with the IL's... which I don't mind - we were here first BUT my poor kids will be the ones that are growing up not knowing their cousins... the same worry that SIL C has vocalized to the family.

It's not a big deal and I'm not that attached to SIL B's Kid honestly (thats a WHOLE 'nother entry) and BIL/SIL C are expecting their first and while we have never gotten along great I am ESTATIC for them, I can't wait to have that little niece to spoil some! And the boys - well they are the best and I will miss their quirkiness if/when they move.

Here's the thing that bothers me about ALL of this- I found out all about this on a message board! A MESSAGE BOARD!!! One that my mil posts to... friends she's only met a few times.... but yet she can pour the family news out to them and not her own family... SHEESH!

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