Friday, June 01, 2007

One of those weeks...

OH MY GOODNESS, It's been a wild and crazy kinda week... Let me give you just a little snapshot of one evening... I am subjected to traffic that lengthens my drive home. A trip that normally is 45 minutes or an hour turned into TWO HOURS!!!! So we decide instead of cooking, making leftovers would be the way to go MUCH quicker right? Well I take out a pot of conch chowder and some cresent rolls and with both hands full I take 4 steps to the stove put the pot down and turn around to find my DS had gotten to the fridge and the contents before i could close it and I had left over olive garden spaghetti and chicken on the floor and there he sits in the middle of it salad dressing bottle in one hand. Deciding that the salad dressing wasn't quite as fun anymore he grabs the chicken from the floor and with two hands starts knawing on it. All I could do is grab the camera and laugh. And yes he finished the piece of chicken.

Other highlights of the week included DD being out in my MIL's yard and getting bit by about 75 - 100 red fire ants and having to treat those, and DH getting one of his optic migraines.

THEN this morning I stop by Dunkin Donuts thinking that a chocolate iced coffee and an untoasted bagel with salmon cream cheese would be yummy! So I order, pay, get my food and pull away from the drive through. I go to grab the bagel - it's cold and toasted (how long it had been sitting there who knows) the edges are burnt and the cream cheese is in a single serving tub and there's a knife in the bag... UMMM HELLO???? How in the hell are you supposed to drive down the road and spread cream cheese on a bagel... and darn it I didn't want it toasted... and IF I had it should have been WARM!!!! That chocolate iced coffee that I wanted... yeah it was plain. The manager got a nice little call from me.

So I am eternally greatful it's friday cause Im not sure if I could handle another day this week!!! Hopefully the weekend is better!

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